Shattered Online


The happily-married couple of Neil and Abby Randall have worked very hard to create a healthy and safe bubble for themselves and their only daughter, Sophie. However, their seemingly idyllic life will start crumbling into pieces when, out of the blue, the determined and methodical gunman, Tom Ryan, holds them captive, as his cold-blooded accomplice uses Sophie for leverage. Now, Abby and Neil have no other choice but to do Tom's bidding if they want to keep their child alive - and with every task they successfully perform - they see a piece of their orderly life being robbed from them. But, why is this perfect stranger bent on destroying three innocents?... Show more

People interested in movies probably already heard about Shattered. I was very impressed when I watched it for the first time. Shattered provides a great pleasure from watching it online. Shattered movie, more than once, all you can watch. It's an undisputed Crime movie classic. Sure there are classic cartoons which everyone like, and they are great. But Shattered is just non stop awesome from start to finish. Have a great time watching online!.

Directors: Mike Barker
Release: 2007-08-23
Duration: 95 min
IMDb Rating: 6.7
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