Best Friends Whenever - Season 2 Online


Follows teenagers Shelby and Cyd, who when a science experiment goes wrong, become unstuck in time leaping forward and backward in time. Teenage genius Barry then helps girls master their new power.

Amazing tv show from 2016. I will grant that my expectations were very low before seeing it... The ending is like a Hitchcock hit, the final turn of the action that amazes and depresses. It is a tv show that truly knows what it is and wastes not even a second in conveying what that is. This director is great. With Best Friends Whenever - Season 2 online he seems to be setting himself some kind of a test - how far over the top can he go?. I wasn't a fan of Comedy flicks so it's fair to say I never thought I'd love Best Friends Whenever - Season 2. You will be excited with this tv show, don't wait and play the stream.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2016-07-25
IMDb Rating: 5.5
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